Beginning Tumbling

This class is designed for the beginning tumbler who has little to no tumbling experience.  In beginning tumbling, will focus on the basic progressions necessary for higher level tumbling.  Skills focused on in this class are forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back walkovers, and round offs.


Intermediate Tumbling 

This class is designed for the tumbler who has previous experience and has mastered handstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, back walkovers and round offs.  Skills focused on in this class are standing back handsprings, round off back hand springs, front walkovers, and punch fronts.


Advanced Tumbling

This class is for our most advanced tumblers.  Tumbling experience is a requirement for this class as well As mastery of the skills learned in both the Beginning and Intermediate Tumbling Classes.  Skills focused on in the class are multiple standing back handsprings, round off with multiple back handsprings, continuous front walkovers, punch fronts, tucks, and round off back handsprings back tucks.  Coach permission is required for placement in this class.


Xtreme Frequency (Beginner) 1 Class per Week - 60 Minutes
Welcome beginner gymnasts, ages 6 to 18.  No experience, no problem!  This is a one hour class, one day a                           week, designed to teach an introduction to gymnastics.  You will learn a variety of skills on different                                       apparatuses as well as physical fitness and learning skills.
Xtreme Velocity (Beginner) 2 Class per Week - 60 Minutes
This is an introductory beginners class that begins with flexibility and light strength training.  Basic skills will be taught on each event.  This class emphasized developing a positive attitude toward physical accomplishments while learning safe and accurate gymanstics skills.  Upon completion of this class, gymanasts will be evaluated to move to the Xtreme Force class.
Xtreme Force (Level 1 & Up) 90 minutes
Students who have completed the Xtreme Velocity​ class and have a recommendation from their coach may enter this class.  In this class, athletes will learn advanced skills in each event.  Strength and Flexibility will receive more focus.  Basic body shapes will be emphasized as an integral part of skill progression.  Upon completions of this class, gymnasts will be evaluated to move to the Xtreme Shock class.
Xtreme Shock:  Pre-team (By invitation only)
This is an advanced level gymnastics class.  These special invitation only classes are designed for students who demonstrate the ability, mental focus, desire and commitment to advance further in the sport of gymnastics.  These classes are more structured and disciplined.  Students will gain more power and endurance.  This class focuses on routine development.  At this level, gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete and to train one day a week with the team.  Upon completion, gymnasts are prepared to join our Xtreme Team!

Recreational Gymnastics 

Xtreme Energy (Ages 3-4 years) 45 minutes

Gymnastics teaches preschoolers both physical fitness and learning skills.  Gymnasts learn balance, flexibility and coordination, as well as how to listen, follow directions and interact with new children and adults.  Preschool gymnastics can keep the children's attention and interest by teaching a variety of skills on different apparatuses, including floor, trampoline, beam and bars.  The gymnasts are trained to master very basic tumbling skills while building self-esteem and self-confidence. Best suited for 3 to 4.

Xtreme Momentum (Ages 4-5 years) 45 minutes
This class is more challenging than the Xtreme Energy class and they are 45 minutes that teaches more                                advanced skills and are preformed to help develop age appropriate motor skills, strength and confidence in gymnastics.  Best suited for 4 to 5. 
Xtreme Volt  (Toddler and Me: Walking-36 months) 45 minutes
Our exciting parent and me classes are designed to develop a child's motor skills and learning behaviors with parental assistance.  Child development experts report that during these early years it is crucial for a child to develop a love for learning.  Our classes focus on teaching children to love learning through gymnastics and motor movements.  We strongly believe that gymnastics prepares children for successful learning in school.  So, let's have fun, building positive learning attitudes and behaviors. This class is best for walkers to 36 months old.

Kinder Gymnastics 



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Our professional staff encourages active and energetic participation as well as a safe and fun experience.

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We offer competition team levels 3 and up. You must be evaluated by on of our team coaches, and/or invited to join. 

To schedule an evaluation or to request more information we ask that you call or email us!

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