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Xtreme Amplitude

Welcome to Xtreme Amplitude! 

We are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to serve the great Tularosa Basin. We strive to provide a clean, fun and welcoming environment for those interested in being apart of the XA Family! We hope to be a positive influence within our community by furnishing our athletes with tools to improve their physical strength, confidence, dedication, goal-setting, team work, and the fortitude to succeed. We offer classes from parent and me to competitive team as well as open gym and birthday parties! 

What is Xtreme Amplitude?

What is Xtreme Amplitude?




"My daughter looks forward to her class all week! Everyone here has been so wonderful and helpful!"


"We love the Xtreme volt class and couldn’t ask for a better coach!"

"Our niece Taylor goes here and she loves it! Were so happy she’s back in gymnastics!"